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It’s important to me that everyone can get something that benefits them from Ask Stephen. This is why, even if you only join the free subscription, you get access to some quality content. I aim to make this a place where, every day, you feel inspired, energised and uplifted.

It could be that your business requires some focused attention. Or maybe you are seeking a new way to move forward in your career. Perhaps some issues in your wider personal life.

Ask Stephen is a safe place for everyone. Somewhere to bring questions that need answers and ideas that need validation. Somewhere to conquer problems you've been wrestling with and anxieties holding you back.

About Ask Stephen

  • Provide a person centred approach.

I promise, to myself and you, that I will:

My promise to you

  • Provide a non-judgemental ear.

  • Build emotionally intelligent relationships.

  • Be a trustworthy confidant.

  • Discover authenticity.

  • Always have faith.

Viewing the impact I was having inspired me to create Ask Stephen.

During Covid-19, more individuals approached me, rather than only businesses. It was a dark time for many. I realised that the strategies I used to help companies also applied to ourselves.

I spent many years solving businesses' structural stumbling blocks. From this, I discovered what makes a business successful. Not only the processes required to do so - but also the mentality.

Yet, no matter how different each business functioned, the fundamentals remained the same. At the heart of all business structure is establishing and achieving set goals. To realise potential.

I delved into the worlds of sports, law, accountancy, fashion, food, health and beauty - the list goes on. I have been fortunate enough to work with Aston Martin, Unipart, CPL, EHAAT, AAUK, EAAA, RSPCA, Norwich City FC, Nottingham Forest FC, Walking with the Wounded, Hansells SolicitorsWoodland Holiday Park, Route One, and many more.

In the past 35 years, I've supported many businesses - from start-ups to multinationals.

Get to know me

About Stephen
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