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Anna Jones

"He uses both common sense and creative thinking to achieve results. He's a natural leader, with a strong presence and finely tuned interpersonal skills."

Anna Tydeman

“Stephen was recommended to me at a time when I was seeking to develop in my leadership journey. From day one, Stephen has been a positive influence – always believing in me, but at the same time willing to call out unhelpful habits and mindsets. He takes the time to truly understand what’s important to me and what motivates me, and this has enabled him to personalise his approach which means his advice and guidance can be applied in a practical way. Our conversations help me reflect on my achievements through a different lens with Stephen offering observations and appropriate challenge, and then together we talk about applying those learnings and insights into my future work. He has a unique gift of making people feel heard and accepted, and his belief in my potential has undoubtedly helped me to grow both personally and professionally. And of course, a cup of tea, a walk, and a laugh is always good for the soul!”

Carole Osborne

"I worked with Stephen for a few months after I’d had to make some very tough professional decisions that had taken a toll on me personally. Through our work together…which involved some quite tough conversations, light bulb moments, wellbeing advice, being on the end of the phone if I needed him… we worked through outcomes that then helped me redefine my purpose. The work I did with Stephen has helped me become a better leader for my business and team, but it’s also helped me consider my own wellbeing as an individual"

Chris Onslow

"Steve brings incredible ability, creativity and high levels of personal integrity coupled with professional enthusiasm."

Ellie Perkins

"Stephen is the most encouraging, supportive and empowering person I've met. He brings SO much energy and enthusiasm to each session, and has helped me combat imposter syndrome."

Ellie Perkins

"Stephen has been my business coach for almost 4 months. In that time, my business has grown *a lot* - and it wouldn't have, at that pace, without his support."

Greg Brown

"Having worked with Stephen on many occasions, I always value his insight and knowledge as an established business coach. He is honest, approachable and supportive and draws on years of experience to support you in achieving your goals."

Jane Gurney

Stephen is such a supportive, honest and encouraging person a truly authentic passionate professional who really understands the complexity of our business. We have been working with Stephen for some years now and he has always provided outstanding support which gives me and my team so much confidence in moving forward.

Kevin Worrall

"Steve’s understanding of the Middle East and the Retail environment has enabled him to provide candidates that have integrated naturally into the organisation; maximizing their performance in minimum time."

Kristian Ikast

"Steve is one of the strongest professionals I have ever come across. Steve has the unique ability to work into details and to take the high level strategic approach."

Lucy Marks

Stephen's energy and positivity, combined with his business acumen, made him the perfect choice as my business mentor. He has shown me the importance of bringing my whole self to work, leading to a deeper sense of purpose and direction. By identifying my strengths and weaknesses early on, Stephen has empowered me to build confidence, celebrate achievements, and leverage my capabilities to drive the business forward.

I value his fresh perspective and the open, insightful discussions we have about current challenges and future opportunities. Every meeting with Stephen leaves me with a valuable piece of advice that ignites my creativity and motivates me to innovate in different and better ways. Above all, Stephen is always there as my biggest cheerleader, supporting and encouraging me every step of the way.

Rebecca Cotterell

"His understanding of business issues and organisational needs enables him to bring both fresh insights into projects and to make change happen."

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