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Sound like something your company could utilise? Contact me below.

I use over 35 years of experience to teachinspire and motivate an audience. I've worked with many organisations, including: Aston Martin, Unipart, CPL, Air Ambulance, RSPCA, plus many more.

Shaping your mental well-being has never been more important for businesses. Changing an organisation’s entire ethos can’t happen overnight. But sometimes, it takes a moment of ingenuity - a 'eureka!' moment - to break down outdated and detrimental thought patterns.

Could your organisation use a change in mindset or streamlined goals? Have you not optimised your efficiency and tapped into your potential?

Public Speaking

Stephen Public Speaking

I’ll deliver these ideas to a conference of people, whether it’s in person or online. If you have any more questions about the process, contact me. I’ll be happy to provide answers.

Whether you’re a small charity or a large corporation, I can help. I use my tried and tested strategies, The 8 Pillars of Progression and The 4 Cornerstones of Success, to shape mindsets.

How does it work?

What are the 4 Cornerstones of Success? This strategy focuses more on individual growth. The Cornerstones are: Structure, Purpose, Well-being and Positivity. Without structure, you will struggle to build. Without purpose, you won’t know what to build. Without a healthy well-being, the building will feel pointless. Without positivity, you can’t have a healthy well-being. The cornerstones are the building blocks of your success, and I can help you establish them.

What are the 8 Pillars of Progression? This strategy guides you in effectively managing 7 key factors: planning, presentation, product, planet, people, performance, and place. Progressing your business across these pillars establishes a strong foundation, encompassing enhanced employee performance, streamlined operations, sustainable practices, customer-centric strategies, and exceptional service delivery. By following this approach, you'll cultivate the growth of the ultimate pillar - profit.

What are your 'tried and tested foundations'?

Want to check out some of my past public speeches?

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